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Saddle Stamp Decoding

Did you know, if your french saddle has a P stamped on it (such as Butet) that means you have a flatter seat P= plat (flat in french).

An SC (as on an Antares saddle) stands for "semi creux" or semi-deep seat and a C=creux or deep. However a semi-deep seat Butet has a L on it, so go figure!!! And the C and the L on a CWD refer to the flap shape not the seat depth!!

Most CWDs have the notation "RT" at the end of the first line of the saddles stamp. We have seen posts on the internet saying this means "regular twist". This is just NOT SO. The RT indicates that the panel over the horses scapula has been shaped to allow greater freedom of movement for your horse's shoulder.

Many Devoucoux saddles have the notation EM in front of the seat size.  EM is the French abbreviation for "Enfourchure Montee" which means that there is more foam around the pommel of the saddle for more comfort. Almost 90% of Devoucoux Oldaras are made this way and will carry this notation.  Contrary to popular mythology on the internet, it does NOT stand for 'extra medium'!


  • Thank you for the clarification. I’ve heard so many wrong explanations. Any ideas on RG stamp on the panel (2nd) line of a CWD saddle? Thanks , KC

    Kerri Charles

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