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Real Life Rider: Comparing Riders in Voltaire Saddles

Today we are going to look at two riders with very different body shapes who both ride in full calf Voltaire Palm Beach saddles.  The Palm Beach features a semi deep seat and is extremely popular in all three rings. It comes standard with the full calf option.

Both our riders are older adult amateurs who show in the Adult hunters. Our first rider is about 5'5" tall and wears a size 32 breech. She is pictured in a 17.5" seat with a 2A flap.  A 2A flap is a standard length of about 13" or 13 1/4" with only a small amount of forwardness. While she feels secure and comfortable in this saddle, she could have more room on the flap in front of her leg, and possibly a hair more room in the seat. She could go one of two ways to achieve this.  First, and simplest, she could bump up to a 2AA flap to give her more forwardness and thus more room in front of her knee and thigh.  Alternatively, if she feels she also would like more room in the seat, she could bump up to an 18".  The longer seat length will shift her center farther back which should position the leg farther back on the flap as well. I suspect one or the other of these would be sufficient and going bigger in the seat and bigger in the flap (an 18" 2AA ) will be too much saddle.

Our second rider is tall and slender, about 5' 9" and wearing a size 26 or 28" breech.  She is riding in an 17" 3A which fits her very well.  A case could be made for going to a 4A flap, which would give her a longer flap and place the knee higher on the knee roll, but the flap appears to end at about the widest part of her calf, so the 3A does work nicely.  This is a great example of tall riders with longer legs not needing a forward flap.  Forwardness is necessitated more by body proportions and stirrup length than overall rider height.

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