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Delgrange & PJ

One of the original french saddle makers, fine materials, stringent requirements and technical mastery have been the hallmark of Bruno Delgrange’s quality since 1976. The Delgrange brand trains its own master saddlers and still makes all their saddles in their own workshops in France. One of the most popular Delgrange saddles for many years was the PJ series (including the PJ Original equivalent to the Virtuose, PJ Light equivalent to the Athena, and PJ Pro equivalent to the Partition model). However, more recent PJs (since about 2009) are no longer made by Delgrange, so it is important to differentiate between the products, as a newer "PJ" saddle is no longer a Delgrange.

Delgranges come in whole and half sizes from 16" through 18 1/2 and flap lengths 2 through 6.  When shopping for a Delgrange, remember that flap numbers work differently than on the other French brands.  For example a 4 Delgrange flap could be equivalent to a 2 in a CWD or Antares. Flap shapes include L (straighter), A (normal/forward) and X (forward/extra forward).

Delgrange saddles frequently have cut away flaps to allow for closer contact with the calf, very squishy knee rolls, and tend to ride with a slightly narrower twist.  The Athena model has a flatter seat, the Partition model is a semi deep seat and the Virtuose model has a deeper seat, however all feature the exquisite workmanship and detailing that is the hallmark of Delgrange.

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