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Another luxury french saddle brand, Devoucoux are also quite popular on the hunter/jumper circuit with the Biarritz, Oldara and Socoa models being the most popular with hunter/jumper riders.  The Biarritz and Oldara have a wider and deeper seat than the Socoa, and tend to be a bit more "saddle". The Socoa is a jumping saddle with a flatter seat and narrower twist to enable the rider to shift his center of gravity easily giving great freedom of movement and enabling the rider to shift his center of gravity easily. Its sporty, clean line makes it a favorite with top riders.  In 2016, Devoucoux came out with a new line of jumping saddles, now called the Biarritz LAB, the Biarritz O and the Biarritz S.
Devoucouxs come in whole and half seat sizes and flap lengths 0 through 5.  Grain/calf, full calf, and buffalo leather are all options. Devoucoux has 4 "grades" of forwardness, with D being the straightest, no letter associated with the flap length being standard, A being forward and AA being very forward.  
Riders who are looking for "soft and sticky" (especially in the seat) should absolutely try a Devoucoux Biarritz or Oldara!
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