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Voltaire Design

Launched in 2010, Voltaire Design has quickly became one of the go to saddles on the hunter and jumper circuit, with Beezie Madden winning the World Cup in 2013 in her Voltaire Palm Beach.

Blending tradition with innovation, Voltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of fine saddle making, and is the first saddle maker to get help from the fashion industry in product design. Known for high quality leather and craftsmanship, Voltaire Design presents several unique features including the “second skin” feature, a very thin sweat flap for an exceptionally close feel of the horse through the lower leg, and an innovative billet system for greater balance and convenience for the user which features changeable and replaceable billet straps. Voltaire is also the lightest French saddle on the market, by about 20%.

Saddles are available with grain, calf or buffalo flaps, with the calf and buffalo options having a thin layer of foam sandwiched between the flap layers.  This gives the "soft and grippy" feel. The Voltaire saddle also comes in a variety of panel, flap and seat sizes.

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