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17.5" Tad Coffin TC2 SmartRide | 2012

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Very nice condition Tad Coffin in the TC2 model, designed for riders looking for a secure, balanced ride with a deeper seat and a narrower feel due to the narrower twist (as compared to the A5G model).  Features the SmartRide Technology flexible tree, and front and back blocks.

Seat measures a hair less than 17 1/2", and the more moderate flaps measure 13 1/4" long by 13 1/4" wide (70x). 

Panels are in excellent condition and are softer than the French brands. Measurement at front gullet is 4 1/2".  No seat seam wear, bottom of flap wear or loose stitching or cracking.  Minor wear on cantle and unevenness in seat coloring.  Missing SR buttons on stirrup leather keeps.